What are the benefits of hydrating serums?

What are the benefits of hydrating serums?
What are the benefits of hydrating serums?

Hydrating serums enhance your skin’s moisture levels, giving your face a fresh, youthful radiance – perfect for thirsty skin that could do with a beauty boost!

Who should think about using a hydrating serum?

All women can benefit from the great properties of hydrating serums at some stage in their lives, as hydrating serums offer instant comfort for dry skin.Pharmacist Jean-Marc Vernet notes that “People rarely come to me and actually ask for a hydrating serum, but I often find myself recommending one.”

Pharmacists Jean-Marc Vernet and Shirley Chemouny share who they think could particularly benefit from serums:

  • Young blemish-prone skin that needs an hydration boost
  • Men looking to soothe the feeling of their skin after shaving
  • Those aged 30 and over, who are seeking to combat the appearance of dehydration lines
  • Mature skin to enhance radiance and plump up the skin with moisture
  • Skin that’s consistently exposed to the environment such as cold, wind, sunlight and UV rays, pollution, big cities, mountain air, sea breezes and air conditioned flights.

How to use hydrating serums…

Water is vital for life, so it seems only logical that healthy skin needs to be properly hydrated. Hydrating serums can be used in all seasons, and applied in the morning and evening to clean, fresh skin as part of your daily skin care regime.

While serums can be used as a base for makeup or in conjunction with a BB or CC cream, always aim to use a daily moisturiser with at least SPF 15+ following application.

What benefits can hydrating serums offer?

Hydrating serums provide a feeling of freshness and comfort to the skin. “Serum’s can have light, fluid textures that immediately sink into the skin” confirms Pharmacist Shirley Chemouny. They can also be great for:
·         Smoothing                                                         
·         Brightening
·         Plumping
·         Soothing
Using a hydrating serum can benefit a range of skin types and once incorporated into a skincare regime, our pharmacists shared that it’s likely, “once you start using a hydrating serum, you won’t want to stop!”