Top tips for creating a flawless foundation base

Top tips for creating a flawless foundation base
Top tips for creating a flawless foundation base

Cleanse, tone and exfoliate

I’m joined by my lovely model Jess, and I’ve already prepped Jess’ skin so I’ve cleansed, toned and exfoliated. 

It’s really vital that you look after your skin and especially exfoliate your skin. With the action of exfoliating, it removes any dead, dry skin cells on the skin’s surface but it also stimulates the blood supply, so it brings fresh blood to the surface and helps give you that radiant glow.

Apply Aqualia Thermal Serum

Once I’ve exfoliated I’m going to apply my Aqualia Thermal Serum

I’m using this as a primer, and it’s absolutely gorgeous – it soaks into the skin and rehydrates it straight away. 

A lot of the models I work with have been travelling none stop so their skin can actually be quite dehydrated and dry, so this is absolutely essential in my kit.

I like to give it 5 or 10 minutes to actually soak into the skin before I apply my foundation. If you don’t do that you can find that your foundation is simply sliding around your face.

A lot of the models I work with have dry patches on their skin, and so I simply apply more to the area in a patting motion to rehydrate that particular area. That is just going to help give me a flawless canvas.

Use a face mask

So one of my top tips is to use a face mask. I absolutely love Normaderm’s 3 in 1, because it has the cleanser, exfoliator and mask all in one. 

I work abroad quite a lot with models, and I do the makeup first thing in the morning, but it is a good idea to at least wait 30 minutes for your face to settle before applying your foundation. That just helps let any tiredness or puffiness leave your skin.
So there you have my top tips for creating a flawless base.

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