The secret to blending high-coverage concealer

High coverage concealers are great for disguising imperfections, redness and uneven skin tone

High coverage concealers are great for disguising imperfections, redness and uneven skin tone but often difficult to blend. The trick? Choose a stick with an ultra-creamy texture for a natural finish that lasts.  

The secret to blending high-coverage concealer
The secret to blending high-coverage concealer

Concealers come in a number of different formats, from sticks and creams to liquid and even crayon formulas. When choosing the right product for your skin’s needs, it’s important to pay attention to two key factors - texture and coverage. If you’re just covering the occasional spot or blemish a lighter formulation might seem like the best option. But these can often smudge or fade as the day goes on. Meanwhile, high-coverage products can be difficult to blend as a result of their thicker, long-wear finish. Vichy’s SOS Cover Stick’s updated formula is designed to maximise coverage without sacrificing blendability, melting into skin for up to 16-hour wear that doesn’t appear cakey or overly thick. It’s also available in 5 mineral pigment shades to ensure a perfectly flawless look across a broad range of complexions.  


Tips for blending concealer around the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are a worry for many women. However, while thinner formulas might not provide optimal coverage, classic stick or cream formats often appear heavy or cakey, particularly when set with powder. Also, under-eye skin is some of the thinnest on the face, so it’s important to be gentle when applying concealer to this delicate area. Dermablend’s SOS Cover Stick is enriched with beeswax, carnauba wax and a lightweight oil, which allows for more spreadable and waterproof coverage that blends in effortlessly, helping it glide easily onto skin either without need for rubbing. Over 94% of test subjects reported that the product was easily blendable, while 98% noted its incredibly lightweight texture.[1] What’s more, the product’s hypoallergenic formula is enriched with allantoin, an ingredient known for its soothing properties.


Tips for concealing redness and blemishes

If you struggle with spots and other imperfections, applying your concealer with a brush instead of your fingers can help give precise coverage where you need it most. For larger patches of discoloration or unevenness, try blending out with your ring finger to better distribute the product without overloading. If you have a larger colour concern, try using a colour corrector in green to neutralise redness on the skin. Dermablend’s Colour Correctors are a great choice thanks to their blendable, hydrating formula and with 24 hours of coverage they give you cover that you can trust all day long.


[1] Tested on 69 women from 18 to 65 years old. All skin types.