The power of antioxidants for your youth

The power of antioxidants for your youth
The power of antioxidants for your youth

The power of antioxidants for your skin

Antioxidants have an important part to play in keeping your skin healthy as it ages. Here’s a simple guide to incorporating them into your diet, naturally.

Why are antioxidants necessary for ageing well?

Antioxidants play an important part in combating the visible signs of ageing, as they help to fight the process of oxidization that begins when skin is exposed to elements such as UV rays and pollution. These aggressors trigger the release of free radicals that cause certain molecules to break down. Antioxidants help slow down this oxidization process, while the collagen molecules (responsible for giving skin a plump, youthful appearance) are also less likely to suffer damage as a result of oxidization.

The top 3 antioxidants

#1 Blueberries: the antioxidant fruit

Berries, including cranberries, blackberries and especially blueberries, are some of the fruits naturally richest in antioxidants. These fruits owe their bright colours to a pigment called anthocynanin, and are also packed with Vitamin C. One 150g serving provides almost a quarter of an adult's recommended daily allowance.

#2 Baïcalin: the antioxidant root

Baicalin root extract is used in traditional Chinese medicine and commonly referred to as the ‘Chinese Golden Root’. When transformed into powder, it becomes a broad-spectrum antioxidant that can help combat redness and damage caused by UV rays and pollution. Due to its powerful protective properties, it is commonly used in skincare, and is a key ingredient in Vichy’s new Slow Âge Fluid. Its formula works to slow down and correct the signs of ageing by protecting the skin against daily aggressors.

#3 Vitamins A, C, E: the antioxidant vitamins

Vitamin A is important in maintaining vision and a healthy immune system, and also forms the basis of many anti-ageing and wrinkle-fighting creams. Vitamin C, present in peppers, guavas, and kiwi fruit, helps stimulate collagen synthesis, with deficiencies linked to sore gums and liver spots. Vitamin E, found in oily fish, nuts and avocados, works alongside Vitamin C in combating free radical damage.