Snacks on the go

Gabriela shares her tips on how to eat healthily, even when you’re on the move.

Snacks on the go

Resisting the urge to reach for processed cakes, pastries or crisps when you're hit with a snack attack can make a big difference in your health — regardless of your age.

The best weapon is to be prepared, so here are some of Gabriela’s favoured tips and snack choices:

· Try to avoid long gaps between meals. This helps prevent your hunger getting the better of you and increases the likelihood that you'll pick the healthy snack rather than raiding the biscuit tin or overeating at the next meal. 

Try to incorporate two or three quality snacks of protein combined with complex carbohydrate each day to maintain blood sugar control and sustain energy levels.  

Carry snacks to help with cravings. I always carry protein bars in my handbag. 

Snack sensibly… some of my favourites are nuts, seeds, fresh fruit and natural yoghurt. 

Nuts/ seeds are great, portable option, try spicy/mildly flavoured versions for variety. I love organic seeds and nut mixes. 

· Nuts are also rich in Vitamin E which can support the adrenal cascade – suitable for those with a busy lifestyle and long working hours. 

· Choose wholegrains. They are bursting with B vitamins which are needed in the conversion of glucose to energy. Bananas are high in B complex too. 

· Fill up on fibre rich foods. Fibre is filling and is the number one nutrient for maintaining proper digestive function and is a fantastic natural cleanser. Eating more fibre helps to cleanse your body by stimulating regular bowel movements. 

· As well as emphasising foods to include in the diet, it is also important to reduce as many sources of dietary stress as possible such as stimulants, sugar, refined carbohydrates, chocolate, tobacco, alcohol, tea and coffee.

Author: Vichy Nutritionist, Gabriela Peacock.

This article reflects the opinion of Gabriela Peacock and is intended as general advice only.  You should seek advice from a professional before altering your diet, changing your exercise regime or starting any new course of conduct.

Gabriela PeacockNutritional Therapist