How to flawlessly cover spots

How to flawlessly cover spots
How to flawlessly cover spots

If you have acne and blemish-prone skin, you’ll be all too aware of how difficult it can be to conceal with makeup. Dry patches, bumps, and an oily T-zone make creating that flawless base a near-impossible task.

Never fear! Professional makeup artist and Vichy skincare expert Claire Ray shares her top tips on applying coverage to blemish-prone skin. Learn how to cleanse, conceal and set your way to a perfect complexion in six easy steps.

Step one

Before you begin, make sure the skin is completely clean as this will create the perfect base for makeup. I like to use Vichy Normaderm 3-In-1 Micellar Solution Cleanser as it removes any traces of make-up, dry skin, fake tan, or dirt that may be blocking the pores.

Step two

Next, use a foundation brush to apply a moisturiser like Normaderm’s Anti-Blemish Care Day Cream. This will ensure the rest of your makeup goes on smoothly and stays put. (It's a good idea to use a clean brush when applying products to the skin, as the heat from your fingers can irritate blemishes and spots - not to mention spreading bacteria around spots).

I recommend waiting a few minutes for the moisturiser to be absorbed into the skin, otherwise the concealer and foundation will slide off when applied.

Step three

Apply Dermablend 3D Correction Makeup Fluid all over the face using a foundation brush, in a light fluid motion until all blemishes are covered.

Step four

Use a small concealer brush and the Dermablend Corrective Stick to cover blemishes – ensure the shade matches your foundation, or is one shade lighter. Then, carefully press the Corrective Stick over any blemishes that need slightly heavier coverage in a patting motion. Be careful not to rub in the concealer as you apply it, as this can cause streaky results and blemishes will show through.

Step five

Absorb any excess makeup and oils by lightly pressing a tissue into your skin. This will help you achieve a natural result.

Step six

After waiting a few more minutes for the makeup to settle onto the skin, apply Dermablend’s Setting Powder to ensure it stays put for the rest of the day. Using a large fluffy brush, apply the loose powder in a stippling motion.

The Vichy Dermablend skincare and makeup range is formulated to bring smoothness and clarity to blemish-prone skin.Discover the full range here.

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