How I Overcame My Acne Confidence Concerns

If you have acne and blemish-prone skin, you’ll be all too aware of the impact it can have

If you have acne and blemish-prone skin, you’ll be all too aware of the impact it can have on self-confidence. 

How I Overcame My Acne Confidence Concerns
How I Overcame My Acne Confidence Concerns

If you have acne and blemish-prone skin, you’ll be all too aware of the impact it can have on self-confidence. At times, it can feel like there’s no real solution, leaving many women too scared to be seen without makeup.

“Acne is well recognized to cause problems with low self-confidence and issues with self-esteem. In severe cases, it can lead to social withdrawal and difficulty in building relationships with friends, family and work colleagues,” explains expert dermatologist Dr Anjali. “It can have a profound psychological effect on the sufferer, and I frequently see patients that refuse to go to school, work or social events because of the shame they feel about their skin”.

Carly suffers from adult acne and finds that the appearance of her skin has really knocked her confidence. “I have acne on my on my cheeks, forehead and chin, and it makes me feel very anxious and uncomfortable,” she says. “I used to just wash and moisturise my skin and confidently go about makeup-free, but not anymore. I’ve even been asked if I’ve fallen off my bike.”

Marion has also had acne since she was 13 years old, and even feels embarrassed to reveal her bare face to family. “When I’m not wearing makeup I feel ugly, disgusting and frightening,” she says. “I feel terrible when I’m not wearing makeup – sometimes I’m even scared of what my own family think of me”.

So what is the solution for women such as Carly and Marion? “My first recommendation is that acne should be treated appropriately either by your GP or dermatologist,” says Dr Anjali. “No one should have to suffer, as there are effective treatments available. Secondly, I advise that if patients want to cover up or camouflage their acne, pigmentation, or scars this is totally understandable and not a problem providing the correct products are used”.

Products such as Vichy’s Dermablend [3D CORRECTION] fluid provide full and long-lasting coverage while caring for the skin beneath. With a smoothing and blurring effect, it minimises the appearance of 3D imperfections, such as acne scar pits and under-the- surface spots, in just one application.

“Dermablend [3D CORRECTION] provides great coverage, but without the feeling of wearing lots of makeup,” says Marion. “I didn’t even need to use any powder to fix it in place”.

But what makes Dermablend [3D CORRECTION] any different to other foundations? A unique texture innovation called Alliagel™. This ingredient is full of high-concentration pigments and soft focus agents that work to cover and blur imperfections, creating a veil over the skin. Think of it like applying a filter to a photo, but in real life.

“I use Vichy’s Dermablend [3D CORRECTION] as cosmetic cover for my own acne and imperfections,” says Dr Anjali. “It provides high coverage and stays in place nearly all day. Being able to hide blemishes effectively when my skin is going through a flare-up makes a huge difference to my confidence and how I interact with others”.

Dermablend [3D CORRECTION] also works to leave skin feeling soothed and visibly improve the appearance of imperfections, the product helps to keep the skin supple and comfortable for up to 16 hours.

Allergy tested and suitable for sensitive skin, why not try it today and see how it can improve both your confidence and appearance of skin health today?

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