Healthy habits: why boosting your hydration is good for your skin

If (like so many of us) you started the New Year promising to drink more water, we’ve got just the motivation you need! Read on to discover how optimal hydration helps take care of your skin

Healthy habits: why boosting your hydration is good for your skin

Why is hydration so important for healthy skin?

We’re all familiar with the effect dehydration can have on our skin, with our complexions appearing duller and even becoming dry and/or cracked. Drinking enough liquids can have an immediate effect on how you feel and also making sure your body has enough fluids internally– but why is hydration so important for your overall skin health? Our skin is our largest organ and acts as a barrier between our body and the external world, protecting us from harmful elements that can damage our health. These external elements, collectively known as the exposome, include everything from sun damage and lack of sleep to smoking and pollution.

The better hydrated our skin is, the stronger the cells of the epidermis - the skin’s outer layer - are. This allows the skin to play its protective role to the best of its ability, fighting everything from bacteria and infection to free radical damage. What does this mean in practice? Skin that doesn’t only look and feel better, but that’s able to perform its protective role more effectively.

How to up your hydration: daily tips

Now that we’ve examined how proper hydration helps skin on the inside, it’s time to look what we can do to maximise its effects on our complexion. Hydrating skin from the outside is the most effective way to top up your skin cells with moisture, so look for skincare products featuring ingredients that maximise water retention, such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid. These will help to lock in much-needed moisture when it’s particularly warm or cold outside.

To get your morning regime off to a good start, always make sure skin is thoroughly cleansed. Then apply a booster or serum, as their finer texture is formulated to thoroughly penetrate skin’s epidermal layers. Vichy’s Minéral 89 serum provides a perfect hydrating boost. The breakthrough formula combines a high concentration of Vichy Thermal Mineralizing Water (89%, to be), along with the hydrating power of Hyaluronic acid, to plump and strengthen the skin barrier . Follow with a rich day cream, such as Vichy Aqualia Thermal, to lock in the benefits of the previous step while providing a protective, intensely moisturising layer for your complexion.

Finally, don’t forget that topically rehydrating skin on a regular basis - particularly after a session at the gym, where skin is not only dehydrated but less rich in minerals - is extremely important. During periods where skin is prone to dehydration, treat your complexion to a refreshing spritz of Vichy Mineralizing Water facial mist.

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