At SkinCeuticals, we are committed to supporting the aesthetic medical dispensing channel, and believe that the physician codes of ethics require strict standards, therefore we use high quality standards in clinical test substantiation. By utilizing these stringent testing standards for our formulations and by providing balanced communication of test results, we strive to deliver evidence-based skincare research to the professional medical community and customers alike.

  • While we may use in-vitro and ex-vivo tests on individual ingredients to provide initial data on scientific feasibility, our clinical tests are always on final formulations in-vivo to validate efficacy in real-life usage.
  • For clinical studies we undertake, we evaluate three major components:
    1. Action in skin via biological or instrumentally-assessed efficacy
    2. Clinical end benefits through independent professional or physician grading
    3. Consumer evaluation
  • In addition to efficacy, every formulation we develop must pass stringent safety and tolerance tests on skin.
  • We frequently test our products in multiple countries and on multi-ethnic panels to understand and communicate on the end benefits across a broad panel of skin types.
  • When designing studies, we use third-party laboratories or dermatologist research organizations, consistently working with members of the medical and scientific community to validate our test methodologies.
  • We regularly incorporate biomarker analysis as well as placebo comparisons in order to prove the specific biological mechanism of action and effectiveness of our technologies.
  • When referring to scientific knowledge or publication information not based on final formulation, we clearly communicate this to readers.
  • We often show before and after photographs that are representative of average results.