3 mistakes you're making with your fine hair

Are you treating your fine hair with the love it deserves? Whether your hair is brittle from

Are you treating your fine hair with the love it deserves? Whether your hair is brittle from over brushing, damaged from too many products or even suffering due to a poor diet, Dercos Densi-Solutions can help.

3 mistakes you're making with your fine hair
3 mistakes you're making with your fine hair

Mistake #1: Brushing hair too aggressively
If your hair is fine or lacking in volume, it might be tempting to give your roots a boost with a teasing comb or styling brush. However, aggressive brushing or combing can significantly weaken thinner hair, as can rubbing wet hair too vigorously with your towel, post-shower.  To fortify the hair shaft right from the roots, apply a strengthening conditioner such as Dercos Densi-Solutions Regenerating Thickening Balm, which not only conditions hair, leaving the fibers feeling smooth and supple but also helps strengthens it. Rinse thoroughly and then gently wrap your hair in a towel to get rid of excess water before leaving it to dry naturally, where possible. Add a little thickening spray or balm, such as Dercos Hair Mass Creator, to the lengths of the hair while half-damp. This leave-on balm adds shine and volume and creates thicker-looking hair in just 6 weeks if used regularly*.


Mistake #2: Overdosing on harsh ingredients
Regular use of at-home hair dyes and treatments, as well as failing to protect hair when using heat-related styling tools, can cause havoc with all hair types. However if you have fine or thinning hair you need to be particularly careful. Certain chemicals and synthetic ingredients, such as formaldehyde and ammonia (present in hair dyes), can seriously weaken the hair fiber, causing breakage and split ends as well as allergic reactions for some people. If you colour your fine hair, it’s essential to choose a hair care system that respects the delicate fiber of thinner hair while minimizing color fading. If your area is known for hard or poor quality water, consider installing a filter in your shower or bath to minimize the risks of damaging or weakening your hair fibers.


Mistake #3: Eating an unbalanced diet
You wouldn’t expect to have great skin without eating a balanced diet, right? Well, the same goes for your hair! Protein is essential for optimal hair growth, so fill your plates with chicken, lean red meat, tofu, nuts and shellfish. Fruits and veggies count too: vitamin C (found in fruits and vegetables like kiwi, broccoli, guavas, bell peppers, strawberries, oranges, papayas, tomatoes, snow peas, and kale) encourages the body to absorb iron, a key mineral when it comes to regulating circulation, while B-vitamin biotin, found in nuts, oats and brown rice, has also been linked with hair density. Finally, Dercos Densi-Solutions’s Leave-On Balm formulation includes antioxidant Resveratrol, with studies suggesting it has significant effectiveness against oxidative stress.


Follow these simple tips and you’ll notice the difference straight away. Your fine hair will thank you for it!




*when using system of shampoo, balm and concentrate


This article is intended as general information only.  You should seek advice from a professional before altering your diet, changing your exercise regime or starting any new course of conduct.