10 Beach bag essentials for summer

Off to the beach? Don’t forget to pop these must-have items in your beach bag before you g

Off to the beach? Don’t forget to pop these must-have items in your beach bag before you go.

10 Beach bag essentials for summer
10 Beach bag essentials for summer

1. High SPF sun protection for your body

You’ll have applied sun protection from head to toe before you set off, but you’ll need to top it up during the day, especially if you’re planning to go swimming. Choose a convenient option like a spray oil or quick-drying lotion to make it simpler to apply on the go. 

2. Facial sun protection that suits your skin

Oily skin? Go for a light, dry-touch formula that gives a mattifying finish. Dryness-prone skin? You’ll want a formula designed to nourish as well as protect your skin, without leaving it shiny and greasy

3. Wide-brimmed hat

Shade your face, ears, neck and shoulders with a wide-brimmed hat. Whether you choose straw or fabric, pick a style that won’t get creased or damaged if you store it in your beach bag.

4. Sunglasses with UV protection

It’s not just your skin that needs protection from the sun’s UV rays – your eyes do too. Choose a pair of sunglasses with wide frames that will give your eyes lots of coverage, and a high UV rating.

5. BB cream with high SPF

If you’re going from beach to bar, or you just want a little coverage along with your sun protection, choose a BB cream. It’s a fantastic way to get good coverage that will even out any blemishes and provide high-factor sun protection at the same time.

6. A good read

Blockbuster novel, weekly magazine or a timeless classic? Whatever your preferred type of reading material, the beach is an ideal place to relax with a good read. You could load a few favourites onto an e-reader – but don’t let the sand get into the charging socket

7. Cover-up

Pack a comfortable cover-up, like a flowing kaftan or kimono, that you can throw on over your swimsuit when you’ve had enough sun, or when the temperature cools. For beach-to-bar chic, look for bold patterns and bright colours that will set off a tan and can easily be cinched with a belt for a more dressed-up look.

8. Lip balm

The delicate skin on your lips needs lots of TLC, especially in hot weather. Choose a nourishing lip balm to help keep them feeling smooth and comfortable. 

9. Small thermal water spray

After a hot day on the beach, soothe the feel of your skin and cool off with a spritz of thermal water. Choose a mini-size spray so it won’t weigh down your beach bag.

10. Hydrating Serum

A lightweight serum is a great way to nourish with moisture without overwhelming with a rich heavy formula. You can also apply it morning and evening to leave skin feeling soft and hydrated. It also makes a great base for make-up!